Thursday 17th March 2022

Passcomm has been awarded Certificate of Acceptance from Network Rail for the BOP-D enclosure. Designed for trackside telecom use, the BOP-D is a high quality, lightweight stainless steel construction. Designed to accommodate internal equipment which produces up to 250 watts internal heat output, the BOP-D represents the most flexible of solutions available for trackside applications.

The Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance can be downloaded here: 02740 – Full Certificate – Lineside Cabinet and Box on Post – Issue 4

The BOP-D has been designed to accommodate multiple kitting and mounting options to cover a wide range of trackside applications. Network Rail have also given full-type approval to an Adapter Plate which converts the standard LSTP base mounting to allow the BOP-D to be mounted on a half location case base.

Datasheets can be found on the links below:

To discuss pre-kitting and pre-termination requirements, please contact the Sales Team on 01925 821333 or email