Wednesday 15th August 2018

Following design consultation with Thales and London Underground, Passcomm is pleased to announce that its high capacity Stainless Steel Fibre Optic Splice Enclosure (SS-FOSC) has been added to the London Underground Approved Product Register.

Issued under A.P.R. No 4786, the Stainless Steel Enclosure has been designed to cope with the ever increasing network capacity demands.

The enclosure can accommodate up to 6 drop cables and 2 looped through cables. The CommScope Fibre Infrastructure System Technology (FIST) is mounted internally and has the capacity to manage up to 240 splices on the SOSA trays.

The CommScope FIST system is used throughout the world and is widely viewed as the benchmark in fibre organisation. The trays are designed to store fibre and splices for:

  • single-element

  • single-circuit

  • single- and multiple-ribbon fibre management

For more details on the enclosure, please call the Passcomm Sales Team today on 01925 821333.